If you own a business and want more customers and business from Verwood, Ringwood, The New Forest, East Dorset and surrounding villages, then the Roundabout Magazines are the right place to advertise. The magazines are regularly distributed door to door to targetted homes and businesses as well as left at public pickup points around the area, such as Leisure Centres, Libraries, Theatres, Estate Agents, Waiting Rooms, Cafés etc. (see our Distribution map)

We publish three community magazines:
Roundabout Verwood & Three Legged Cross-7000 copies
Ringwood & Villages-9000 copies
East Dorset Villages-8000 copies

Targetted Letterbox Distribution – 86% by the Royal Mail and the rest by reliable adult distributors.

Estimated Readership of 72000

To Advertise:

Contact us on 01425 485194 so we can help you decide the best way for you to advertise your business. Our prices start at £2.45 per week and the magazines have a great shelf life, as unlike free newspapers, people do keep this kind of magazine as a useful reference until the next issue arrives. (We know many actually keep them all!!!) Over 75% of our advertisers stay in every month as they know this is the most reliable and cost effective way to get business in Verwood, Ringwood and surrounding villages between the New Forest in the East and Cranborne Chase in the West. Many have been with us since we started in 2005! So it must work!


Cleared payment is required by copy deadline date.

We accept payment by Cheque, made payable to “Roundabout Mags” , Direct Bank payment, Cash and all major Credit and Debit cards. To help cashflow, we have monthly payment options by Direct Debit for regular advertisers .

Digital Version

As an extra advertising benefit, advertisers will also appear online in our Digital Edition – FREE of charge!

Link to Your Website

For bookings of 6 months or more –
We can link to your website, if you have one, for no extra charge

Premium Pages:

Would you like to stand out from the rest? Please contact us on 01425 485194 or contact us via our Advertising Enquiry form to check availability and prices as these pages are very popular and tend to be booked well in advance.

Advert Format

Your advert content is very important and can make a big difference to whether you are noticed and contacted. You can supply your own advert, but we suggest that if you haven’t your own graphic designer, then let us use our expertise to design it for you. Our designer has over 30 years experience . He will design the advert for you with the right message to get attention for you and your business. Our charges start at £15 as a one-off nominal fee for our magazine customers. Where possible we do this as a skeleton framework with your logo/brand and colours and then if you want to change the message in the future, there is no charge. If you wish to use any advert produced by us elsewhere in other publications, then we charge a copyright release fee of the same amount again. For further information call us on 01425 485194.

Acceptable Formats for Submitted Adverts: High Resolution PDF, 300 dpi JPEG

Effective Advertising

To gauge the effectiveness of an advert, it is a good idea to include some form of incentive to attract potential customers. Vouchers / Coupons work well or a reference number to quote if a discount is offered.

Regularly advertising in issue after issue is a more cost effective way of getting your message across and more likely to get results as most people need to see your message many times before they trust you are staying around and for your service or product to register with them. We have package deals available for regular advertising which are much better value for money than one-off adverts. You are much better advertising regularly with a smaller advert than with a one-off “Splash” if your budget doesn’t allow you to follow on advertising afterwards.

Copy Deadlines

Click to see our copy deadline timetable.

Further Information

If you would like any further information then do call us on 01425 485194 or contact us via our Advertising Enquiry form.