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Roundabout Ringwood April 2019

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Dear readers

A mere thirty years ago in 1989 an unknown Oxford graduate and computer scientist came up with an idea which his bosses described as “Vague but exciting!”

Initially called the Mesh by its inventor Tim Berners-Lee, it soon became known by today’s more familiar name – the World Wide Web. Despite being relatively young it seems to have been with us forever.

Recently when asked by a BBC journalist whether the overall impact of the web had been good, an upbeat answer was expected. Instead, gesturing to indicate an upward and then a downward curve, Sir Tim said that after a good first 15 years, things had turned bad and a “mid-course correction” was needed. His brilliant creation has grown into a troubled adolescent – and Sir Tim sees it as his personal mission to put the web back on the right track.

Coincidentally in this issue we have a very relevant technology article on page 40 which may help you to avoid some of the current nasty internet scams. In particular the ‘Too good to be true’ £500 mountain bikes for sale at £50. My husband recently invested in one from a local shop and noticed £900 bikes on the web on sale at £90 so beware!

So he’s all ready for spring, the clocks have gone forward and fingers crossed the wind and rain finally stops so we can all enjoy it!

2019 Fanfare for Spring is on Sat 18th May and is always a marvellous day on Ringwood’s social calendar so definitely a date for your diary!

Roundabout East Dorset Villages April 2019

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Dear readers,

March is drawing to a close as I write and looking ahead at the weather forecast I think we may have finally seen the last of the current series of what seemed to be an endless succession of storms. Proof that ‘March winds and April showers brings forth the May flowers’ as the old saying goes! Although hopefully not too many April showers this spring as we have a week’s cycling holiday planned!

We were also out cycling in February this year during that beautiful warm week when the temperature was approaching the 20s if you remember – amazingly about the same time as the Beast from the East hit us all in 2018!

Also with spring in mind now that the sun might make a more permanent appearance, our motoring article on page 8 has details of fresh air soft top motoring on a budget.

Once you have your convertible car you’ll be looking forward to a drive to a pretty country pub or enjoying pub walks. Quirky Britain on page 26 tells us how pubs acquired their names and also why they always have a sign outside – quite obvious really!

But don’t forget the sun cream of course and our beauty article on page 20 has an spf moisturiser which could save busy working mums a bit of time before setting off on the school run!

Finally there are all those house and garden projects that you have been putting off all winter until the spring! Why not get an expert in this year AND help local businesses, look in here first in the ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 34!

Roundabout Verwood & Three Legged Cross April 2019

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Dear readers,

After last year’s freezing ‘Beast from the East’, this year – despite a few short cold snaps, seems to have consisted entirely of Wet and Windy from the West! Especially during March – just one storm after another!

But when you consider the old English saying that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” it’s not entirely unexpected! Hopefully this is true and the weather dries up soon as we hope to be out on our bicycles soon preparing for a cycling holiday in Scotland later on this year!

Now the clocks have gone forward and we have longer evenings spring seems to arrive all of a sudden. Definitely time to do all those spring jobs which you have forgotten about over the winter! Like lawn treatments, carpet cleaning, re-decorating, patio washing, window cleaning, etc and we have lots of local trades in our local business directory on page 46 to help give you a flying start.

If you are a fan of fresh air motoring we have a very timely article on page 16 giving you a selection of budget soft top cars that might be of interest. Although maybe not ideal if like me you suffer from hay fever!

I know I have just missed it but on page 40 we have a very useful technology article warning us not to be April fooled with one of the many sneaky internet scams that you may or may not be aware of. All too easy to click on an attachment and then the damage is done. Just stop and think for a few seconds before you open it to be on the safe side. Maybe check with a text or a phone call first to be completely sure it’s genuine.