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Roundabout Ringwood February 2020

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Dear readers

This issue’s cover pic was taken whilst out on an early March bike ride around the Forest opposite the track that leads to Milkham Inclosure car park. There was a procession of three 4-wheeled carriages all looking very smart on what was a cold morning judging by the clothing.

Out of interest I thought I would find out what the technical term for these carriages was but little did I know once hitting the 4-wheeled carriage search button that there were just so many variants – such as buggy, gig, Surrey (with or without a fringe!), Barouche, Phaeton, Cariole, Growler, Buckboard, etc, etc! At least 58 names on one site alone! Maybe someone could enlighten me!? Great to see some of the old traditional modes of Forest transport are still around of course.

At the other end of the scale completely we have a motoring article on page 14 with lots of info about getting an electric car charging point fitted to your home. You will probably need an electric car to qualify for a Government grant but a step forward? The jury’s out on that in my view as there are so many dwellings like terraced houses and apartments out there without any hope of access to a charging point yet.

We have lots of less controversial articles in this issue of course plus local information pages like our ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 46, What’s On Locally pages 26 & 28, Clubs & Societies pages 20 & 21 and lots of useful local phone numbers.