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Local Attractions

Ancient Technology Centre -saxon-houseInformation about many local attractions can be found here together with photos and details of special events and features throughout the year.


Blashford Bulletin June 2020

At the height of summer the reserve is teeming with life. From the woodland canopy to the waterside, adult birds are encouraging their young to take their first steps away …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin April 2020

Spring’s arrival has brought a flurry of joyous activity at Blashford Lakes. All you need to hear is the easily recognisable call of the cuckoo echoing round and you will …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin February 2020

With the onset of spring the nature reserve teems with activity, with winter visitors feeding up in preparation for their departure whilst breeding residents gather nesting materials and prepare for …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin December 2019

As the cold weather moves in through the winter so does the population of visiting birds at Blashford. Duck numbers are peaking and the lakes continue to swarm with waterfowl …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin October 2019

Autumn is a beautiful time of year at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve with fantastic displays of colour all around. The trees above are now providing a medley of autumnal hues …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin August 2019

As August turns into September it is time to look to the skies for passing migrants. Osprey may fly over or pause here briefly as they begin their long journey …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin June 2019

We are in the middle of summer and the reserve is full of life. The insect world is buzzing, the leaves on the trees are still fresh and our young …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin April 2019

Spring is in full swing, heralded by the departure of our overwintering flocks of geese and ducks and the arrival of migrants back to our shores such as swallows, swifts …[Read more…]

Blashford Bulletin February 2019

Blashford Lakes is getting a makeover! The unique mix of habitats at the Wildlife Trust nature reserve is home to a range of wildlife from kingfishers and otters to our …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin December 2018

As winter progresses the lakes continue to fill up with ducks, with numbers tending to peak in December. Even if you are a beginner to bird watching there is nothing …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin October 2018

Autumn is a colourful time of year here on the nature reserve, with the trees displaying ceilings of golden leaves and fungi beginning to carpet the woodland floor. On your …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin August 2018

We find ourselves in the last throws of summer with autumn just around the corner and life is busy on the reserve.  The fruits of summer are evident particularly on …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin June 2018

The natural world is in full swing during June and July and life at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve is abundant.  Breeding birds on the site continue to fill the …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin April 2018

Spring has definitely arrived now with the dawn chorus of birdsong and the buzzing of insect wings filling the air.  Listen out as birds like chiffchaff and goldcrest use their …[Read more…]


Moors Valley – An eventful Year as we celebrate our 30th Birthday!

Moors Valley Country Park and Forest is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and with new family attractions and some very special events there has never been a better time …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin February 2018

We have almost seen off the worst of the winter and are daring to let our thoughts drift towards spring.  Some days will be crisp, cold and sunny whilst others …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin December 2017

As winter progresses the lakes are continuing to fill up with ducks and the numbers will tend to peak now in December.  Even if you are a beginner to bird …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin October 2017

Autumn is a colourful time of year at Blashford Lakes, with the trees displaying
ceilings of golden leaves and fungi beginning to emerge on the woodland floor. On your visit to …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin August 2017

As August arrives, the trees at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve are

laden with leaves. As the grass in the meadow begins to die back, some flowers including heather, fleabane and hemp …[Read more…]


Moors valley Country Park – to share in National Lottery Fund to improve access for people with disabilities.

Moors Valley Country Park & Forest near Ringwood is benefiting from a share in a half-million pound National Lottery-funded scheme to improve access for visitors with mobility and sensory impairments …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin June 2017

The trees are in full leaf and the busy chirping of birds fills the air. No matter where your destination, be it over looking one of the lakes or the …[Read more…]


Blashford Bulletin April 2017

Spring has certainly sprung at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve. Our overwintering flocks of ducks and geese will have departed, whilst migrant birds including swallows, swifts and martins will be arriving …[Read more…]


Moors Valley – The Gruffalo comes to life with new app.

In the first development of its kind, Forestry Commission England and Magic Light Pictures are bringing The Gruffalo characters to life in the Moors Valley forest through a new, …[Read more…]


Moyles Court School – April 2017

‘You’re in for a BIG surprise!’ at our Open Morning!
Moyles Court School is unique in that it lies within the boundaries of the New Forest National Park. To give children …[Read more…]


Moors Valley – Knit a woolly winter warmer for the Gruffalo’s Child!

With winter upon us the Rangers at Moors Valley are asking for help to keep the Gruffalo’s child snug when the snow falls fast and the wind blows wild. They …[Read more…]


Moors Valley – Two Golds for Moors Valley in Top Tourism Award

Moors Valley Country Park has ‘done the double’ by coming away with two Gold awards in this year’s Dorset Tourism Awards and was awarded Gold in both the ‘Access and …[Read more…]


Moors Valley Railway Celebrates 30 Years of Steam.

Seventeen engines in full steam led the 30-year celebrations at Moors Valley Railway on 17 and 18 September as hundreds of people turned out to experience the enduring appeal of …[Read more…]


Moors Valley – New attractions at award winning Country Park

East Dorset’s award-winning country park is introducing some unusual new attractions this spring. Moors Valley Country Park and Forest is already home to a miniature steam railway, Go Ape, tree …[Read more…]


Fanfare for Spring

Bigger and better than before!
I thought that last year’s Fanfare for Spring was pretty good and would be a hard act to follow, but I’m sure everyone will agree that …[Read more…]


Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne

The Ancient Technology Centre is poised to make its mark on the landscape later this year when it unveils its latest reconstructions…at Old Sarum and Stonehenge!  The ATC was awarded …[Read more…]


Pedal Car Grand Prix 2012

Sunday 15th July 2012
Celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
Exciting news, as demand for the team entries for the whacky style pedal car race held in Ringwood grows rapidly; we are nearly up to …[Read more…]

Ancient Technology Centre-Vikings-Galore

The Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne in Dorset

The Ancient Technology Centre started as a school experimental archaeology project in 1985/6 with the reconstruction of a full-size roundhouse with the help of local school children.  They were entirely …[Read more…]