Ringwood-Now and Then

The following articles on historical buildings in Ringwood and surrounding area are intended to illustrate with recent photographs how various locations have changed over the years. Some have drastically altered beyond recognition like the Ringwood Town Mill, yet many others still retain the air of a country Market Town like the Market Square shown right. The up to date photos have been taken as close to the original location as possible for an accurate comparison.

All the articles have been kindly written by Mary Baldwin, an eminent local Ringwood Historian who has also supplied the original photos and therefore all text and pictures are copyright.

They will open as PDF documents. (330KB maximum) To read them you will need Acrobat reader software loaded on to your computer. If you don’t already have this software, you can get a free copy of Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com.

Barnwells, 18-20 High Street, Ringwood.

Bickham’s Bakery, 22-24 High Street, Ringwood

Blynkbonnie House, Ringwood

Bottom of Hightown Road, Ringwood

Brewers and debra, Market Place, Ringwood

Bridge House, West Street

Champion Hair Salon and Co-op Funeralcare, High Street, Ringwood.

Christchurch Road, Ringwood

Church Hatch,Market Place

Clark’s Almshouses, The Quomp, Ringwood

College Road, Ringwood

Corbin/Indigo, High Street, Market Place.

Crown Hotel, Ringwood

Entrance to Meeting House Lane

Finns, Market Place, Ringwood

The Fish Inn Ringwood

Frampton’s Mill, Ringwood

Frampton’s Wine & Coffee Bar, High Street, Ringwood

The George Inn/Seasense/Allan & Bath

Gibb and Nationwide, Market Place, Ringwood

The Granary, High Street, Ringwood

Gravel Lane, Ringwood

Greyfriars, Christchurch Road.

Guards, 40 – 44, High Street, Ringwood.

2, High Street, Ringwood

4, High Street, Ringwood

6-8 High Street, Barclays Bank, Ringwood

10 High Street, Curry Garden, Ringwood.

12-14 High Street, Betfred, Ringwood.

15-17 High Street, Ringwood Fabrics and Kelly Eyecare, Ringwood.

16 High Street, Ringwood. Santander.

25 – 19 High Street, Ringwood

28-30 High Street, Ringwood

35, 37, 39 – 41 High Street, Ringwood

55, High Street, Ringwood

56 and 58 High Street, Ringwood

Hightown Road, Ringwood

HSBC Bank, 27 High Street, Ringwood

Keskins/Imperial Cancer Research/Metro Lounge, Market Place, Ringwood

Lambert Gunsmiths & Indian Tree, Market Place, Ringwood

Longs, 51-53 High Street, Ringwood.

Lorraine Tarrant Antiques/Eskape Hairdressers, Market Place, Ringwood

Mansfield House, Southampton Road

Monmouth House

Old Bank House Market Place

The Old Cottage, West Street

The old entrance into Ringwood

Old Market House & Scrivens, Ringwood

The Old Vicarage Ringwood

The Original White Hart, Market Place

Palmers / Dorricott, 66, High Street

Parish Church and Letchers

Parish Church from the A31

Prezzo/Fireplace Shop, Market Place, Ringwood

Rayson & Co Chemists at Friday’s Cross

Ringwood High Street looking towards the Market Place

Ringwood High Street looking towards the Market Place

Ringwood Social Club, 17-19 Bridge Street

Ringwood Workhouse

Southampton Road, Ringwood – between Fridays Cross & Mansfield Road

The Star Inn

Strides Lane, Ringwood

Town Hall/Old Cinema, Market Place. (Part 1)

Town Hall/Old Cinema, Market Place. (Part 2)

Town Mill, Ringwood

W. A. Ghrimes, 3-5 High Street, Ringwood

W. H. Smith, 33 High Street, Ringwood

W. Patterson Butchers, 31 High Street, Ringwood

13-15 West Street, Ringwood

Yvonne’s, 9-11 West Street, Ringwood.