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Roundabout East Dorset Villages December 2017

Dear readers,

Welcome to this year’s Christmas edition of Roundabout East Dorset Villages. By the time you receive your mag the shops will have been full of Christmas goodies for what seems like most of the year – and in some cases this is actually true!

Our Quirky Britain article (I should really call this Mad Britain!) on page 20 tells us that there are some shops where Christmas does in fact last all year round with a growing trend for only selling specialised festive goods and tree ornaments! With tree decorations such as fish, raccoons, elephants, sheep etc! I think I’ll just stick with the tree chocolates thanks!

And on this subject, page 32 tells us how chocolate was discovered 4000 years ago and was originally a cold drink with aphrodisiac and magical mood – enhancing properties. So it hasn’t changed that much at all!

After all the festivities, get togethers and mwah mwahs I always find that New Year’s Eve is when so many people succumb to the Festive Flu! Our article on page 35 gives you the low down on some myths and magical-cures for the inevitable post Christmas bugs!

As well as seasonal features we still have all the usual articles including on page 6 our fascinating look at how Ferndown has changed over the past 60 years.

If like me you want to treat a loved one at this time of year AND help local businesses, look in here first in the ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 38!

Finally my team and I would like to wish all our readers and advertisers the very warmest of festive greetings for this Christmas and the New Year.