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Roundabout East Dorset Villages June 2019

Dear readers,

This issue’s cover celebrates the annual Wimborne in Bloom event when Wimborne enters the ‘South and South East in Bloom’, Wimborne in Bloom’ and finally the ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition which is judged on 29th July.

There are lots of fund-raising events throughout the year to help fund the operation. One of which is the Open Gardens on 30th June this year – details on page 6. A great opportunity to see what other people get up to in their gardens and to compare notes maybe!

Despite last year’s terribly dry summer our lawn seems to have more or less finally recovered and seems to be growing about an inch per day at the moment! Hopefully it won’t be quite so dry this year but so far it’s not looking good for us gardeners.

But ideal of course for parents and children! We have an article on page 26 with some ideas on budget friendly family fun. Paddling pools and waterslides are an even cheaper way to keep the kids amused on hot days although when ours were young our postage stamp sized lawn in south west London ended up as a permanent bog for most of the summer after my husband had the bright idea it might be a lot of fun! So be warned!

For lots of other ideas of what to do and where to go in the coming months in the local area check out our What’s On pages 22 and 24.

No doubt there are all those house and garden projects that you have been putting off until this time of year! Why not get it done properly by an expert AND help local businesses! Look in here first in the ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 34!