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Roundabout East Dorset Villages October 2018

Dear readers,

Our current series of articles about Quirky Britain is one of my favourite articles in our magazine at the moment and this issue’s is all about bonfires.

While it’s no bad thing that firework displays are now controlled and regulated to avoid accidents, some of the devil-may-care spirit that was once the hallmark of November 5th seems to have been lost. However, there are certain parts of the UK where risk and excitement are an essential part of the enjoyment. Page 2 tells us all!

There is also a bit of British quirkiness If you look at the old photo in the centre of our Ferndown history article on page 6. One of the early cream phone boxes is shown and of course my husband had to do a bit of Googling to find out more about call boxes! So he suggests you visit:

www.the-telephone-box.co.uk if you really want to find out about all the other sorts of callboxes in the UK! We even found an old AA call box whilst cycling in Herefordshire this summer in Eardisland and of course my husband had to have a silly photo taken doing his best Fred Scuttle impersonation (from Benny Hill Show!)

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