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Roundabout Ringwood April 2018

Dear readers

This issue’s front cover picture of spring blossom over the front of a pretty thatched cottage is just one of many similar picturesque and attractive old buildings to be found tucked away around Ringwood’s lanes and alleyways. Collectively they help to retain that old market Town feel that Ringwood is well known for.

Fortunately, despite one or two exceptions and the 1960s of course, the High Street hasn’t altered much over the years. Now & Then on page 6 features the current Santander property which looks much the same as it did over 160 years ago – apart from the inevitable shop front upgrade and a bay window on the 1st floor.

Many other fascinating Now & Then articles can be found on our website: www.roundaboutmags.co.uk. Click on Articles/News, then click on Ringwood – Now & Then.

Hopefully by the time you read this, spring will have arrived properly and we have all forgotten about winter, which this year seems to have been condensed into just March!

So time to pump up those bike tyres and get the family involved – page 10 gives us lots of ideas of how to get the youngsters out too. From bike trailers, rear mounted seats, front mounted seats and even tow bars! So much choice and with so many beautiful rides and off-road trails including the Castleman Trailway, Bournemouth Prom and the marvellous Moors Valley Country Park – there’s no excuse not to!

For lots of other ideas of things to do check out our What’s On pages 26 & 28.