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Roundabout Ringwood April/May 2021

Watch out for your April/May 2021 edition coming through your door. If you have any local news or stories, do get in touch!

Dear readers,

Oh, are we all ever hopeful for a good summer and the ability to get out and about again with much more ease. Here at Modern Magazines with your local Directory we salute you for your perseverance and determination to get through this and keep smiling. Let’s be honest it has not been easy, but we are British, so don’t forget that stiff upper lip attitude and let’s create an Easter as well as a summer that we can look back on with a warm glow. Meeting friends and family, beach and garden parties, the cinema, the theatre… oh won’t we really enjoy and appreciate them now? I hope I am not being too optimistic, but I am going to keep my rose-tinted glasses on for now. Not only that but the shops are opening again! Shopping in the High Street, local corner shops, boutiques, independents… let’s go and show them we care, buy their goods and use their services, because quite honestly, they have missed us too!

Once you have done all that shopping, talking and walking, do have a well-deserved cuppa and sit and have a read. We have some great new articles for you inside these pages this month. There are puzzles and quizzes too, as well of course, as our loyal and trusted advertisers who just love to hear from you. Don’t forget to mention where you saw them. That always makes me smile as it makes all our hard work worth-while. The advertisers smile too! It keeps our economy alive.

We wish you all the very best this Easter. May the sun shine!