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Roundabout Ringwood February 2019

Dear readers

Recently we visited friends in Portsmouth and it seems now that a section of the M27 is to become a ‘Smart’ motorway which as it happens coincides with an article on page 16 that we have explaining the do’s and don’ts of these.

Apart from the annoying 50mph speed limit and ubiquitous average speed cameras which will be in place for months now, it appears that suddenly driving on the hard shoulder will be perfectly safe whereas it used to be against the law and also very dangerous!

So after Googling SMART, I found that my concept of smart isn’t actually necessarily the same when applied to motorways!  It’s described as “A simple 5 element acronym used by businesses to create a helpful aid for an actionable plan for results.

The 5 elements being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals.” Hence – “It’s Smart Jim – but not as we know it!”

On a similar vein we have smart meters that go dumb, unlimited phone deals which are in fact limited or free offers that aren’t, etc! I’m sure you all know of many other examples!

No doubt you’ll agree that the exception is the smartphone which I find is an absolutely amazing and invaluable tool although it can be rather intrusive if you let it!

A huge help of course for all those small businesses out and about, but who still need to keep tabs on their customers at the same time. Makes you wonder how we ever managed without them!