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Roundabout Ringwood October 2018

Dear readers

The photo on this issue’s cover illustrates our local quirky autumn tradition of Pannage which happens annually in The Forest and is one of my most favourite times of the year. It’s also unnerving and slightly alarming – especially during what you assume will be a peaceful autumnal bike ride through the Forest which was when the cover picture was taken!

Instead of meeting the usual quietly grazing ponies, donkeys and cattle, you are suddenly confronted with a largish group of untethered pigs busily hoovering up acorns (which are poisonous to ponies and cattle) with their accompanying happy grunting. Just one of The Forest’s autumnal delights! Maybe you remember the newspaper reports around this time last year when ‘Gangs of marauding pigs were apparently up to no good!’ I’m sure most of us found it hilarious!

More of our quirkiness can be found on page 40 which features yet another of our Quirky Britain articles. This one is all about the stranger Bonfire Night celebrations where risk and excitement are still prevalent!

There are many more not so strange local events happening all round us during October and November – check out our What’s On pages 26 & 28 for more details.

Finally if you need some professional help with some of those overdue projects at home like boiler servicing that you have been putting off all summer, then look in our ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 46 and avoid any heating problems this winter!