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Roundabout Verwood and Three Legged Cross December 2017

Dear readers,

Welcome to our Christmas edition of Roundabout Verwood. I hope you’ll agree that my choice of photo for this issue’s cover looks very festive especially with the snow lying ‘deep and crisp and even!’  Surprisingly I took this on 2nd December back in 2010 and I don’t think that we have had as much snow since then. It’s nice to see it but it just seems to hang about for too long – a bit like Christmas pudding and the turkey of course!

A fascinating history of many of our Christmas traditions can be found on page 8. Apparently we used to hang the trees upside down from the ceiling – and the forerunner to our Christmas pud was called Frumenty which was a sort of fruity, spicy porridge! Both customs sound very odd! But after Googling frumenty (as you do!) it seems that Heston Blumenthal has discovered the recipe on an old Medieval manuscript and has adapted it with a modern twist which includes lobster and shell fish – which sounds even more odd for a pudding!

Of course a very popular Christmas treat is chocolate and page 42 tells us how it began 4000 years ago as a cold drink with aphrodisiac and magical mood – enhancing properties. So it hasn’t changed that much at all!

There are lots of other festive themed articles inside and if like me you want to treat a loved one AND help local businesses, look in here first in the ‘Local Business Directory’ on page 50!

Finally my team and I would like to wish all our readers and advertisers old and new the very warmest of festive greetings for this Christmas and the New Year.