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Roundabout Verwood December/January 2021

Watch out for your December/January 2021 edition coming through your door. If you have any local news or stories, do get in touch!

Dear readers,

Stephen, myself and all of us here would like to wish you a good Festive Season. We now know we can have a ‘bubble’ of three families together for Christmas, which is at least better than being on our own. Of course some of you may well be on your own at this time and I do sincerely hope you are able to contact loved ones over our new ‘Zoom’ calls, or able to have a long chat over the phone. Let’s do all we can this year to make sure everyone around us knows we care, and we are thinking of them. More than ever this is important.

Our very loyal and reliable advertisers are so grateful for all your support this last year. Let’s face it, it has been a challenge for all of us. Our local trades and services have needed your calls and bookings like never before. You have delivered and many, many of the companies inside these pages are in fact very happy to tell you they are busy and want to thank you sincerely for this. Please continue to call them and do say “Hello” from us too! We are here to help. Right from my first magazine which I started all the way back in 2005, pushing Hayden around in his pram, my purpose was to bring good, local businesses to your door step as well as give you some local data to be able to back up your local community. As soon as more events start happening again, we will be able to shout all about it! If you have an event coming up, please let us know.

So, 2021 is just around the corner. Whatever you do this Christmas we wholeheartedly wish you all the Very Best. Keep well, stay safe and relax with a glass of mulled wine.