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Roundabout Verwood & Three Legged Cross February 2019

Dear readers,

If you are an ardent Sudoku fan then you might have been very confused by the answer to the puzzle in our last issue which had no resemblance to the puzzle itself! Oops! Thanks go to one of our particularly smart but bemused readers who alerted us! The correct solution can be found on page 38.

On the ‘smart’ subject, have you come across any of the new ‘Smart’ motorways yet? We have an article on page 16 which explains the way they work. Personally I’m not convinced how safe they are as the old hard shoulder isn’t the safest of places to break down or stop in anyway and now even that is disappearing. The thought of breaking down on a dark, wet night and not being able to at least pull off onto the hard shoulder seems incredibly dangerous to me with huge articulated trucks lumbering along also in the same inside lane. So until they are all completed we’ll just have to contend with endless 50mph motorway speed limits for now!

In fact after Googling SMART – I find it may not necessarily be smart as one would assume. Just marketing speak for a simple 5 element acronym used by businesses to create a helpful aid for an actionable plan for results. The 5 elements being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals. On a similar vein we have smart meters that go dumb, unlimited phone deals which are in fact limited or free offers that aren’t, etc! I’m sure you all know of many other examples!

So my advice would be “Always read the small print!”