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Portrait Of A Local Artist – Tanya Hinton

tanya-hinton-local-artist-december-2016Wildlife in Dorset regularly inspires the artwork of Tanya Hinton, who lives in Gillingham.tanya-hinton-local-artist-pheasant-december-2016

“I collect driftwood from beaches near Bridport including Eype,” says Tanya, who has lived in Dorset since she was 17 years of age. “I also gather wood from old houses – I was recently given twelve 17th century doors. Various dumps and skips can provide some lovely finds, too.

I love the county’s varied and rugged landscape and how unchanged many parts are; it’s still a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel.”

Over the past few years Tanya has been producing unique paintings on wood that she has discovered washed-up on beaches, buried in gardens and reclaimed from old buildings. Each piece of wood offers wonderful possibilities: the sea-worn textures, grain patterns and old, flaking paint might suggest misty landscapes, rippled water and other settings. Tanya paints creatures which enhance each background and which she feels are appropriate to the wood. These beautifully painted animals and birds each have an individuality and detailed expressive features.

tanya-hinton-local-artist-skadi-on-an-aged-panel-door-december-2016Tanya was born and brought up in Berkshire, living on the banks of the Thames. Her extensive experience and skill as a painter dates back to her childhood, when she would carefully paint the faces and detailed costumes of figures for her father’s world-renowned model soldier business. Under his guidance, Tanya learnt about handling paint, colour mixing and attention to detail at a very early age. Since then Tanya has always been involved in creative work: painting, ceramics and as an artist’s model. She has exhibited her work at various galleries and events, including: Fisherton Mill, Salisbury, Dorset Art Weeks, Shaftesbury Art Centre, First View Gallery, Stourhead and Wylye Valley Art Trail.