Ferndown-Before the Bulldozers


Surprisingly less than 60 years ago Ferndown was just a village, with gravel roads, a scattering of shops and not even a set of traffic lights. Then the bulldozers arrived and much of Ferndown’s history disappeared forever. Developers carved new roads, new estates and a shopping area. And in two or three decades Ferndown grew into the town that we know today. The old Ferndown became just a memory.

With extracts and pictures from Brian Davis’s book (Brian was born in Ferndown in 1934), we recall the beginnings of the transformation and reveal many of the changes that have taken place over the years. Some articles will feature well- known and lesser- known Ferndown residents and tell how three families – the Stewarts, Trehanes and Hydes – put the village on the horticultural map of the world.

This record of the changes that turned Ferndown from a village into one of the biggest towns in Dorset covers more than 100 years of history and illustrates a fascinating glimpse of a village in transition. The example right shows a typical illustration of these changes.

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The Dormy Hotel, New Road, Part 1

The Dormy Hotel, New Road, Part 2

Ferndown’s first Woman Firefighter

Ferndown’s one and only ‘Zoo’

Ivy Cottage, Ringwood Road

Ringwood Road & Pennys Hill

Ringwood Road & Spinneys lane

Rosina Nurseries, Church Road

Victoria Road shops

Victoria Road & Wimborne Road junction