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Helpful Hints 4 Hedgehogs

Helpful Hints for Hedgehogs


Hedgehog Hints-October 2013

Help-Hedgehog populations have declined by 50 % the last 25 years and could be extinct by the year 2050! Please take 5 minutes to make a difference to a hedgehog’s …[Read more…]


Hedgehog Hints-August 2013

During the months of August and September our wild hedgehogs are busy looking after their young hoglets and trying to eat extra food to start putting on reserves for winter.
Many …[Read more…]

Hedgehog Hints-June 2013

The summer months are very busy times for our wild hedgehogs, not only will a large proportion of female hogs have had a litter of hoglets by now but they …[Read more…]


Hedgehog Hints-April 2013

As the spring settles in, the hedgehogs wake from their hibernation. 2012 was a difficult year for hibernating hedgehogs as the weather didn’t settle into a normal winter plan. It …[Read more…]


Hedgehog Hints-February 2013

Winky was found trapped in some garden netting by some kind teenagers.They didn’t know how long she had been there but they carefully cut her free, contacted BHPS (The British Hedgehog …[Read more…]


Hedgehog Hints-December 2012

One sunny and cold winter afternoon, my phone rang. A lady had rescued a hedgehog stuck on an ice puddle. She’d found my number online through The British Hedgehog Preservation …[Read more…]