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Viewed From My Window

Viewed-from-my-Window-May-2011-headingA small selection of short stories written by Patricia Oliver from Horton near Wimborne, describing the ups and downs of caring for feral cats over the years with photos by J Santana-Martin.


Ginger – part 2

I decided it was time our newest cat Ginger went out for a walk. Not sure how he would react outside, I picked him up and placed him on the …[Read more…]


Ginger – part 1

Did he fall or was this a risky jump for freedom? It was a long way down from the window of a first floor flat where this cat lived. He …[Read more…]


Lost: Babes in the Wood – part 2

Our little rescued kitten Tinker had been pregnant twice, but we had not seen any sign of the kittens, and four days after the second litter was born we found …[Read more…]


Lost: Babes in the Wood – part 1

It was another cold and frosty morning when through the field glasses we spotted a bundle in the hedge at the far end of the field garden. The bundle was …[Read more…]


Bobby – part 3

After Bobby’s second course of antibiotics, his wound had still not healed so we had a choice, either he had to undergo surgery to see if it was a tumour …[Read more…]


Bobby – part 2

We had taken Bobby in as we had been informed that he needed Veterinary care for a large abscess on his back. He was found to be ‘intact’ by the …[Read more…]


Bobby – part 1

Abandoned and uncared for, this little cat was begging for food and came every night at dusk in the hope of finding someone to feed him. He was lucky, and …[Read more…]


Sooty Part 2: Seeing Double & Triple!

Sooty, the new black cat we eventually managed to catch after being concerned for the appearance of his coat and his weight loss, had his castration which was paid for …[Read more…]


Sooty (part 1)

The ‘spy-cam’ has proved time and again to be very useful in determining who is coming to dinner in the barn. We already have a black cat we call Blackie, …[Read more…]


Caught on Camera final part – Billy’s rehabilitation.

At the end of three weeks, Billy started moving about more readily and was getting used to balancing on his three legs, we even saw him exploring the house, probably …[Read more…]


Caught on Camera part 3 – Billy’s depression

Billy’s stitches were still not dissolved even after two weeks, but he started to come out of his ‘cave’ and move around more, although still in his cage, so I …[Read more…]


Caught on Camera Part 2 – Billy recuperates

We made provision for our three legged feral cat to return and placed him into a large cage set up on the dining room table so we could keep an …[Read more…]


Caught on Camera

Concern was growing for a beautiful cat whose coat looked like charcoal velour and who had been visiting for about six weeks. We rarely saw him to start with, just …[Read more…]


Do Cats Grieve?

We know how devastated we can all be over the loss of a much loved pet, be it cat or dog, and for children even a goldfish or guinea pig …[Read more…]

View from-June15-Boy-George-70x70-featured

The Visitor

It never ceases to amaze me how wandering cats find their way to our door. Another new arrival started to come for food, we could only glimpse him at first …[Read more…]


Lost and Found

Pepper, the stray cat I had taken in during May 2013, went missing two months later. I had her photo and my details posted onto the Cats’ Protection website and …[Read more…]


Our New Kitten

Lost and alone, no Mum to cuddle up to, no food, no home. A poor little kitten fending for itself amongst the bins of the burger bar on a local …[Read more…]


Jason and the Mouse!

All cats enjoy hunting, searching patiently through the long grass, peering under pieces of rotting wood and any hidey-hole they can find. They will wait for what seems hours looking …[Read more…]


The New Arrival

A flattering telephone call about my stories ended with me accepting a new arrival. A cat given the name ‘Pepper’ was a stray that had frequented a workshop begging for …[Read more…]


Arrival of Spring

Spring emerged at last from the long cold winter of 2010 and changes came to our little household. At the end of March on a warm sunny day, Mr Oscar …[Read more…]


Holly & Black Beauty

The two little kittens, Holly and Black Beauty have now chosen their paths in life. Blackie is a loving, purring, angel of a house cat. She goes out for play …[Read more…]


The Birthday Gift

It was my birthday, nothing special about that, we all have them and I personally think I have had more than I would like, but you cannot turn the clock …[Read more…]


Freddie and Freda

As part of our neutering programme where we catch any feral cat that comes to us for food, the RSPCA now pay for the neutering itself. Recently we caught a …[Read more…]


The Three Mouseketeers

Our two sets of feral cats Mr & Mrs Oscar (one set) and Mr Tom and Jasper (second set), decided at the end of last summer that they would team …[Read more…]



We caught the feral cat we now call Jasper so that he could be neutered as part of our campaign to neuter all feral cats who came to us for …[Read more…]


Mr Tom

I wonder how many stray, abandoned or feral cats and kittens try to attract attention from the nearest home in the hope of being taken in or at least beg …[Read more…]


3 Little Kittens

We found that Mr & Mrs Oscar had reared three kittens in our large garage and tractor shed. Unlike their parents, they were certainly feisty and were determined to put …[Read more…]


Mr & Mrs Oscar

The many cats and kittens that appear at our window after dark were becoming cause for concern especially as we ended up with hefty Vet’s bills as well as mounting …[Read more…]



I had to look through the field glasses to check on the movement I spied in the distance. It turned out to be another cat, a new ‘kit on the …[Read more…]



It was another cold and frosty morning when through the field glasses we spotted a bundle in the hedge at the far end of the field garden. The bundle was …[Read more…]



We started seeing a stray or feral cat wandering across our field garden near to the pond. We did not know where it had come from, but every day it …[Read more…]


It must have been about 10 o’clock in the evening when a little face appeared at the big window. A tiny kitten about the size of my hand, a white …[Read more…]



The morning in question was cold and frosty, but we noticed a streak of white, as we thought, blowing across the grass. After settling for a while, it moved again. …[Read more…]


Mr Misty

My dear little Mr Misty has a real story to tell of hardship and suffering. He was only four years old when I noticed all was not well with him. …[Read more…]



After the death of our dear timid Miss Misty we decided that we would rescue another kitten from the farm with too many cats and kittens and again instead of …[Read more…]



When we first set eyes on Kiqui, he was about six weeks old, so tiny and just a bundle of fluff. His endearing characteristic was that he held his head …[Read more…]

Miss Misty

Miss Misty we rescued from the farm with too many cats and kittens all in need of a great deal more care than they were getting. She was a ‘seal-point’ …[Read more…]


The third of the 23 rescued and feral cats that found their way to our door was a kitten we called Ziggy 2. He was rescued from the farm with …[Read more…]


The second of the 23 rescued and feral cats that found their way to our door was Willow. Only 10 months old, her third owners decided they could not keep …[Read more…]

Viewed From My Window


The first of 23 rescued and feral cats that would ultimately find their way to our door had been thrown out of the house because a new girlfriend was allergic …[Read more…]