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Portrait of a Dorset Artist – Sean Curley

Portrait-of-a-Dorset-Artist-December-2014-Sean-CurleyRenowned Dorset artist Sean Curley has lived in the county since he was 14 years old when his family relocated to the area from Southport, Merseyside, after his father’s job as a travel agent brought him here.

“It’s a great part of the country,” says Sean, who lives in Poole. “I used to paint WestBay every week; it’s a good little harbour – much better than those in neighbouring counties.”

This self taught oil painter has sold a great many paintings in little more than a decade, which has been made possible by working with galleries across the UK, Ireland and even in Portugal.Portrait-of-a-Dorset-Artist-December-2014-harbour-scene-6-West-Bay

Art lovers are quite prepared to travel to buy Sean’s paintings. “I sold my painting of PooleHarbour to someone in Edinburgh,” he recalls. “The buyer holidays in Dorset and his brother lives here so he sent his brother to buy the painting and he took it back up to Edinburgh for him, which couldn’t have been very easy because it was 4ft x 2.5ft!”

His largest painting is an 8ft x 3ft triptych and the smallest measures just 6 inches x 4 inches.

His distinctive work includes Poole and Weymouth. But Sean can also be found studying the smallest of flowers through to landscapes. Travel inspires him and he regularly exhibits with award winning Scottish sculptor Philip Jackson.

Being a keen guitarist has sometimes complicated Sean’s life. “Both pursuits are creative and they do get in each others way on occasions. I have been offered the chance to play a lot more. I haven’t turned it down but there is a balance to be had. I stopped playing in bands for nine years 15 years ago because my paintings were selling so well that there was not time to do both.”