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Portrait Of A Local Artist – Tanya Lock

Portrait-of-a-Local-Artist-Tanya-Lock_studio“I like to travel the world to look at wildlife but I usually find the nicest scenes on my local door step – in Wiltshire or Dorset.”

Says Tanya Lock, who regularly walks along the river at Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, to look at the local bird Portrait-of-a-Local-Artist-Mothercarelife.

Here she spotted a Moorhen busy feeding her young. It was such a lovely scene that Tanya decided to paint it.

Once the painting was finished she entered it into the world renowned Birds in Art exhibition in the USA. Not only was it selected for the 2014 exhibition but Tanya’s painting was chosen to be one of the few to go on the US tour.

“So between now and 2016 a small snippet of Wiltshire will be viewed in different states of America including: California, Texas, New York, Oklanhoma,” says Tanya. “The best part about this tour for me is that the painting is going to Oklahoma. When I painted this I was listening to the audio book of  ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, a sad story Portrait-of-a-Local-Artist-Gone-fishingabout a family from Oklahoma. In the end the family gets caught in a flood and the baby dies. At this point I started to cry because the same thing happened to this little Moorhen family from Bradford-on-Avon. The day after I saw this happy little scene they were washed away in one of the summer floods of 2012 – so it’s a very sad painting.”

Tanya has painted many scenes she has spotted along the river and a number of these have either won sections or been commended in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competitions, or made it to the finals of the David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year and exhibited in The Mall Galleries, London.

Tanya was one of the finalists in the recent International Artist global competition with her painting of a Manatee.