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Portrait of a Dorset Artist – Judy Tate

I have never had the luxury of painting until now,” reveals Dorset artist Judy Tate.




She has had a busy life bringing up her family and juggling the work/life balance – and not many people can claim to have headed up an IT division, knowing nothing about computers, but Judy did!

judy-portrait-bw-June-2013When marital breakdown meant Judy had to return to the UK from Sicily with two young children it was vital that she found work, recalls Judy. “The trouble was I didn’t have any useful skills having lived for the previous 12 years in a time warp. I secured an interview for a recruitment agency role but I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. So I read a Ladybird book on the subject and could not believe it when I was offered the job.”

Judy went on to establish IT divisions for the most well-known recruitment agencies in the UK, rising to the heady heights of operations director with all the associated perks. With responsibility for 40+ staff, Judy’s clients included such prestigious names as Dun & Bradstreet, NatWest and WordPerfect.

“I think the stress of the role and balancing that with my family life certainly contributed to my eventual diagnosis of type one diabetes,” she says.

Ten years ago when Judy met her second husband the opportunity to revisit her love for painting emerged. “By chance I met Peter at a pub in Surrey, after a neighbour had asked me to pop out for a drink. This chance encounter saw us getting married, me leaving recruitment and moving to Corfe Castle to start a new life. We moved to the area 24 hours before the 2004 tornado, which sadly killed a poor lady and wrecked our roof.”

After enrolling with the Open College of Arts, Judy developed her style and now exhibits with Gallery 41 in Corfe Castle.

Contact Judy on 01929 481441

or: www.thetates.me