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Portrait Of A Local Artist – Andrew Halliday

Portrait-Of-A-Local-Artist-Andrew-HallidayA father’s skill as an artist inspired his son to follow in his footsteps.

“It’s simple as that,” says Andrew Halliday from Lymington, who often visits the coast near Christchurch and is particularly fond of Highcliffe Castle.

“I hope to visit soon to create a new body of work including the grand and romantic Victorian building that resides there.”

Andrew had always had a fascination for painting and drawing – the home was full of his dad’s pictures, some abstract, others allegorical and mythological. “Dad’s talent drew me in, and I found that the school art department, which was basically a collection of pencils and paper, was just not good enough for me. The decision to follow art seemed natural to me and I wasn’t good at anything else anyway.”

Andrew first studied seriously at Bourneville School of Art where he was taught to draw properly by teacher and artist Terrence Clarke.Portrait-Of-A-Local-Artist-Beaulieu

“My BA degree had woeful support to prepare me, or indeed others on the course, for life as a pro,” reveals Andrew. “This has been a lifelong process and I’m still learning!”

A highlight of Andrew’s early career was being invited to study at Amsterdam’s prestigious Rijksakademie, a premier school that has great international respect. There he mixed with many professional artists from all over the world and enjoyed living in a beautiful and richly historical city.

“My present painting focuses on architecture and how we interact with it. Ten years ago I was greatly influenced by the Edward Hopper retrospective at Tate Modern and my goals in painting became clearer, more focused. Hopper was fascinated with the inner worlds of the people who inhabited the lobbies, squares and avenues of his cityscapes. I like to look instead outward, at how the physical world can illustrate the thoughts within us. I currently have work on show at the Riverside Gallery in Barnes, a part of London in which I used to live and work.”