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Portrait Of A Local Artist – Dick Hewitson

Portrait-of-a-Local-Artist-Dick-Hewitson Portrait-of-a-Local-Artist-Chapmans-Pool---oil-on-boardThe landscape and its variety attracted artist Dick Hewitson to Dorset.

A keen walker and living in the county since 1970, he taught biology and used to run very successful residential biology field courses in the Purbecks.

Now a full-time painter, Dick finds much inspiration from the area. “I do some plein air painting, and tend to prefer coastal locations, including the Purbecks,” he says. However, many of his paintings arise from drawings, so he does quite a lot of charcoal drawings when researching a painting. “I often paint recognisable places, like Chapman’s pool, but do not really paint ‘views’. There is always a degree of abstraction in my paintings and I am not aiming for photographic realism.”

As a university student in the early ‘60s Dick studied biology. In that period he became very interested in the arts, especially the visual arts. “During my post-graduate teacher training course at Birmingham, training to become a science teacher, I had the opportunity to learn about oil painting, one morning a week for a whole term, when I studied with a tutor from the art department of Birmingham University. I was the only student. Basically, I learned how to handle oil paint.  I began painting on my own in those early days, but I spent my working life mainly as a biology teacher. I did not pick up painting again until about 2011.

I realised long ago that if I was to paint seriously, I would need to put a lot of time into it, which is why I spend several days a week painting, most weeks. I am very attracted to the natural world, and this may be reflected in the rather ‘organic’ quality of much of my work.”

Dick is a member of Creative Coverage, which represents selected professional artists and craftspeople. www.dickhewitson.co.uk