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Ringwood Arts Centre – December 2016

whats-in-the-arts-centreCan You Help Ringwood Arts Centre Make a Meaningful Start?

On 7th October 2016, Ringwood Arts Centre announced their Meaningful Start Appeal, in a bid to raise £55,000 to take the next step to making the Centre a reality!

Ringwood Arts Centre is a new project under the leadership of Greyfriars and RMDS to build a multi-purpose community venue for the whole town to enjoy. Situated at Greyfriars Community Centre, the new building will include a 290 seat theatre and widescreen cinema, a sports hall with sprung floor, space for conferences, large dinners and corporate events, a variety of meeting spaces, an art studio, exhibition spaces, a courtyard area for outdoor events and a café and bar

Ringwood Arts Centre is now at a pivotal point in its life. Planning permission for the multi-use community hall, cinema and theatre will expire in February 2017 unless a ‘Meaningful Start’ is made on the project. They are so close to making this next step… but they need your help!

So what is a Meaningful Start?

Well, in short it is the moment when the first spade goes in to the ground, preserving our planning permission and taking us one step closer to making Ringwood Arts Centre a reality. In our case it has been agreed that this will involve work to the new Greyfriars Car Park, creating an opening in the listed wall for better access. On top of that, the Meaningful Start requires that all pre-commencement planning conditions are met and completed, and that a ‘Section 106 Agreement’ is complied with.

Work on making the opening in the wall is planned to start in December and will be finished in February 2017. This work will not only benefit the Centre once it is built, but many of the members, volunteers and visitors that use Greyfriars now.

So far the Appeal has reached an amazing £10,000 but we are still a long way off reaching our £55,000 goal! Ringwood Arts Centre has come a long way to get to this point, and they hope that the local community will get behind the campaign to bring the project one step closer to reality! You now have a real opportunity to become part of the Centre’s story.

If you would like more information on the project and The Meaningful Start Appeal, please visit


Alternatively, donations can be sent into Ringwood Arts Centre, 44 Christchurch Road, Ringwood BH24 1DW.

Please include your name, contact details and Gift Aid eligibility, or download a donation form from the website. All cheques should be made payable to Greyfriars Arts Centre.