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Arrival of Spring

Viewed-From-August-2014-SpringSpring emerged at last from the long cold winter of 2010 and changes came to our little household. At the end of March on a warm sunny day, Mr Oscar decided to go outside and check the weather conditions. He and his friends had spent a cosy winter in the house, with all the comforts they could wish for, but the weather was warm at this time, and indeed Spring in this particular year was the warmest on record. Mrs Oscar became very agitated that her husband had left her and went around the house looking everywhere for him. It wasn’t long before he returned.

The weather it seemed was to his liking and he made the decision that it was time to rally his troops so they could all go back to their normal routine and with this in mind he came to the window calling, meowing and making sure that everyone was aware he was there. When we opened the door for him, he did not come into the house, but stayed there calling until Mrs Oscar (Sophie), Mr Tom, and Jasper joined him outside. They have not come into the house again since. However they have now found that the garage next to the house containing the boiler and the freezers, which is incidentally well insulated and also has its own heating system, and a spare   settee, did make a good alternative on the odd cold night, so a cat-flap was installed for them for ease of access.

They are still part of the family and regularly appear at meal times for their food, but now spend their days in the garden, the orchard or the long grass, whatever takes their fancy. We are just pleased to see they are happy and contented. Mr Tom still seems to have some breathing difficulties, and it has been necessary for him to have further treatment which will need to be repeated from time to time.

2012 was a sad year for us as we lost 5 cats, two as a result of tragic accidents. Mrs Oscar was found to have cancer of the tongue so had to be put to sleep, and two of our cats who had reached the age of 16, died from age related diseases. In 2013, we lost Holly to the road as well.

It is so hard to part with animals that you have loved and cared for, they are so much part of the family and are so dependent on you. We always do all we can for them in their lifetime and I am sure we have given them a better life than they would have had if they had not come to us. Everyone who takes on a pet has a duty of care but it is not a one way street, they give so much love, loyalty and devotion back to us, it is well worth all the effort, I am sure you will agree.


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