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Bobby – part 2

bobby-part-2We had taken Bobby in as we had been informed that he needed Veterinary care for a large abscess on his back. He was found to be ‘intact’ by the Vet, but was not neutered when under anaesthetic for his abscess as the Vet had not sought my permission, so he was due for another visit for his next operation. I was now concerned that the trust I had built up with him would be undone when I needed to pick him again for his next visit to the Vet but I needn’t have worried,  I was allowed to pick him up with no argument and no need for a blanket this time. He did not lash out with his sharp claws and there was no noise of protest. The Vet was concerned that his wound had not healed as well as it should so I was instructed to give him 2 antibiotic pills every morning for seven days.

On his return he was desperate for food. I had allowed him plenty of food the day before, but had stopped all food overnight so he was now very hungry. This cat eats every bowl of food as if it would be his last meal, so now he had to catch up! He was pleased to see me and I was again able to pick him up and place him into the large cage without incident. I stroked him and rubbed him and gave him a kiss and much to my surprise, he purred in appreciation! He had not taken a grudge against me for his latest visit to the Vet, he was happy to be home and to see a friendly face. He did not want me to leave him so I stayed with him until he seemed settled.

It was only 10 days since he came to us, an abandoned, timid, defensive, suffering and no doubt a scared little cat, but now he was purring and begging to be stroked and kissed. What a dramatic change… “See what a little love can do?”

The next morning as instructed I had to give him 2 pills. I would normally just pick up a cat, hold him like a baby, open his mouth and put the pills in, problem solved, but in this instance, I did not wish to upset him, so decided I would give him some sardines and hide the pills in that. Fortunately they were very small pills and true to his habit of scoffing his food, he ate the sardines and did not even notice the pills, so they went down as prescribed.

I decided to leave the cage door open as he seemed so good and see if he would venture out. He didn’t, however very early in the morning, or should I say, very late in the night, we heard crashing and banging. He had decided to come out and explore but had managed to knock a vase from the windowsill, as well as a Pyrex dish left on the kitchen worktop. Both had fallen and smashed, so the place was in chaos. I found Bobby hiding behind the clock on the windowsill but before I could reach for him he made his own way back to his cage and retreated to his ‘cave’. He felt safer in his ‘hidey-hole’, but how he managed to jump down from the worktop and move across the kitchen floor which was absolutely covered with broken glass and not injure himself, I do not know, but he seemed OK and was soon back to asking to be cuddled and he was even purring!


The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £15.00 + £2.50 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.