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Bobby – part 3

7 stories Jan 2016 photosAfter Bobby’s second course of antibiotics, his wound had still not healed so we had a choice, either he had to undergo surgery to see if it was a tumour that was the basic cause or yet another course of treatment with antibiotics. We opted for the second option, although the Vet was reluctant.
Bobby has settled in so well and has befriended Billy, and Bobby has even sneaked into Billy’s bed for a cuddle. He has now decided that he has to walk with me around the house, not just with me, but rubbing up against my leg following my every footstep like a well trained dog at ‘Crufts’. The problem is he then starts weaving between my feet and I am in danger of tripping over him, so I have to walk with my eyes down to prevent accidents. Every so often I have to stop and give him a rub and a stroke, he so wants to be loved and purrs in appreciation.

In the evening now he has taken to being a kitten and plays with ‘ratty’ a well worn furry toy which is jumped on from a great height, then thrown and chased. How lovely to see him so happy that he can just play! I did the right thing in taking him in and I am sure he will enjoy the rest of his life with me.

His further 2 week course of antibiotics did not complete the healing process of his abscess and so after 5 weeks with us, he was set to have another operation to remove the lump on his back and stitch up the wound which had remained open. Much of the surrounding tissue was also removed just in case the lump proved to be cancerous or tubercular, and the tissue was then sent away for analysis. We paid the £220 bill and brought him home. On his return he was a bit wobbly on his feet for a while, but then it was as if nothing had happened. In fact from then on he was like a coiled spring and was running around and jumping and playing the fool. It was lovely to watch him have so much fun.

Bobby is now a lap cat and we are the best of friends. This was the same cat that had given me such a lashing with his claws just a few weeks ago. Feral cats are just cats that have been unfortunate in their lives and not know any love, but give them that love and they can be altogether different. I am so pleased I took him in.

Ten days later and the 14 stitches needed to come out, but Bobby was no trouble, and I held him close while they were removed, not a murmur or a twitch from Bobby. The Vet said that his lump had been analysed and found to be a very rare and difficult fungal infection. He had done the right thing by cutting away the surrounding tissue as well as the lump and he hoped he had got all the tissue that had been affected as the return of the fungus would need long term treatment which may not necessarily be successful, so we now just hope for the best.

It is so rewarding to see the change in him and to know we have helped him. He is now happy with us and is certainly part of the family. I think he is the most loving feral cat that I have ever encountered. Dear Bobby, we love you so much!


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