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Do Cats Grieve?

Do-Cats-Grieve-Goodbye-Mr-TomWe know how devastated we can all be over the loss of a much loved pet, be it cat or dog, and for children even a goldfish or guinea pig will be an experience they have to learn to deal with. We pour our heart and soul into their care and feel their loss terribly. With so many losses over the years we have had to come to terms with the fact that they cannot live forever however much care we give them and our little graveyard is now full and we have had to start another one.

We recently lost our Mr Tom to the road. He had started to wander off on his own away from his friends, for what reason I do not know. He had also become rather deaf and it took patience to attract his attention, even for food. We were very saddened to lose him and especially as this was the first time it was known to us that he had gone outside the gates. Why had he done this? He had so many fields to wander through, why go to the road? The thought that he may not have been aware of the traffic as he was so hard of hearing made it especially traumatic.

Since coming to us in a desperate state of need, he had made friends with Jasper, and when Mr Oscar and Sophie (Mrs Oscar) joined them, they made a foursome, a united team, a pussy-cat version of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ spending their days wandering through the field garden, hunting, lazing in the sun, just being together. Sadly Sophie had to be put to sleep when we found she had cancer of the tongue, but at that time Mr Oscar had his two other friends to comfort him and they cuddled up together which helped them all come to terms with their loss.

This time it was different. The loss of Mr Tom had been felt by Mr Oscar and Jasper as a big loss and we saw them searching and searching for their friend. They looked tired and forlorn, they showed their grief, they were really lost without him. Somehow it has made such a difference to them that even they no longer spend as much time together. Jasper desperately needed someone to cuddle up to as he did with his dear friend Mr Tom, but Mr Oscar was so sad he just wanted to be left alone. Fortunately Freda has tried to pal up with Jasper and we have found them sleeping together, but she is young and likes to live an active life in the daytime and is not the lounging around type, so during the day Jasper tries to find Mr Oscar so that he can be somewhere near him, if not as yet allowed too close.

Cats do have feelings, they will grieve for their friend so help them through their grief with love and attention and perhaps find them another companion to help fill the gap.

We were just coming to terms with the loss of Boy George and Mr Tom when Pee-Wee was also lost in a tragic accident. Three in a row! There is nothing we can do but concentrate on the living and give them all the love and care we can.


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