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Jason and the Mouse!

Viewed-From-My-Window-JasonAll cats enjoy hunting, searching patiently through the long grass, peering under pieces of rotting wood and any hidey-hole they can find. They will wait for what seems hours looking at you as you pass for you to raise the wood and expose the creature or creatures hiding underneath, then they pounce so quickly on their prize. Cats are always catching rodents especially shrews and mice, and they will also catch a young rabbit. They do not always eat the shrews but enjoy teasing and chasing them until they stop running, having expired from the torment. I have caught many shrews especially those brought in as presents and have released them, the only thanks I get from the creature is a nasty bite.  A big mouse is always a tasty meal and if they plan to eat the mouse, then they will hide as they know I will try and take it from them to release back into the field garden. Rabbits on the other-hand are always for eating and the cat will growl at you if you try and rescue this meal! They eat practically everything including the bones, the teeth and the fur. I have rescued many and when released I always tell them “I cannot save you a second time!” They have even brought in the occasional mole having sat for an age on top of a mole hill in anticipation. The mole is then found trying to dig furiously into the floor tiles, so I pick them up and place them somewhere where they are welcome to dig their tunnels.

The other day, Jason caught a mouse, quite a large mouse as these creatures go, and this time brought it to the patio in front of the big window. There he let it go. It had large round ‘Mickey Mouse’ ears and a little fat body. The mouse tried to play dead but was nudged by Jason who knew full well that this strategy was just a ruse, it was supposed to run, which it then did, but Jason was close behind him and nosing up to his tail, so the mouse stopped and turned towards Jason, sat back on his hind legs and raised and clenched his front paws into a boxer’s fighting pose, as if to say, “back off or I’ll punch you on the nose!”  It was the funniest sight you could imagine.

Jason turned his head to look the other way, pretending to ignore him. The mouse thinking his threat had worked, continued to run away but Jason’s nose was again right behind him. The little mouse stopped and once again he turned to Jason, sat on his back legs and reared up into his boxer’s fighting and threatening pose with his little paws, one in front of the other. Jason and the mouse touched noses, perhaps this was a truce? Confident now that he had rebuffed his opponent, the mouse continued on his journey of escape, but Jason, undeterred and savouring the moment, was always a fraction behind him.

This was a great game and of course Jason was not in the least intimidated by such a little posturing mouse, however, Jason let the mouse think he had given up the chase, then suddenly, grabbed the mouse and threw him into the air and in another direction. The chase then resumed, and continued for some time. It was great fun for all, the cat, the mouse and the audience! It was so amazing. You just could not make it up! I just wish I had taken a photograph.


The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £12.50 + £2.50 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.