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When we first set eyes on Kiqui, he was about six weeks old, so tiny and just a bundle of fluff. His endearing characteristic was that he held his head on one side and stared at you as if to say “Pick Meeeee”. How could anyone refuse? He had a sister with him we called Miss Misty. If we had to choose one of them, we had to have them both.

Now we had four little felines in the house and sleeping arrangements proved difficult as all four of them wanted to sleep with me. Ziggy insisted on sleeping on my head, Kiqui wanted to sleep on my neck, nearly choking me. Willie slept on my shoulder and Miss Misty insisted on sleeping on my hip. Turning over in bed was no mean feat as everyone had to reposition themselves as best they could.

Over the years we have all loved to walk around the field garden and sit on the seat positioned at the top end of the field. At the end of our visit Kiqui’s greatest joy was to run as fast as he possibly could back home. He was so quick and he seemed to get such a thrill from his run especially if it became a race with the other cats. In his younger days he was also a hunter and has had his fair share of baby rabbits, but hunting these days is left to the youngsters, he is content to watch the birds preferably through the big window.

Kiqui suffers with asthma needing continuous medication, but he is very good at taking his pills. One day we found him laid out motionless as if dead. Horror and panic set in, but he was still breathing! An emergency visit to the Vet, blood tests, X-rays, examination, no obvious cause to his paralysis or condition. The Vet gave us two options, he would put him to sleep there and then, or he is given a drip, kept in over-night and we review his condition in the morning. I had to give him a chance, I felt convinced he would pull through.

The following morning he raised his head and called out when he saw us, but still unable to move his whole body, he was so pleased we had come for him. Still no news as to why he was in this state, but he was getting better. So the Vet took care of him until the evening and we visited again. Now he was eating, trying to stand and obviously improving.

A slight increase in his steroid medication and he has now made a remarkable recovery, but has a slight wobble on his back right leg. A further visit to the Vet out of concern for his lack of appetite and possible kidney problems, meant although he was now 15, he was fast using up his nine lives! A few short weeks on his new medication and he is eating really well, tucking into roast chicken, roast beef, steamed fish, sardines in tomato sauce …anything he fancies… We do not mind, we nearly lost him, he is happy, he is eating again, he is enjoying his walks… he is ALIVE and WELL and that is all that matters. We have our Kiqui back.

The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £10 + £1.75 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.