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Mr Tom

I wonder how many stray, abandoned or feral cats and kittens try to attract attention from the nearest home in the hope of being taken in or at least beg a free meal? Perhaps it is because we sit in the dark and have lights on outside the window that we see them when they come to us. A male cat we now call Mr Tom appeared from behind a large flower pot on the patio in front of the big window and seemed in some distress, very thin and with pleading eyes. He did not have to ask again, we were soon out there with a plate of food which was devoured in double quick time. He would not stay close whilst we were there, but came back as soon as we had left. One bowl of food was not enough, he needed more and it took four bowls of food before he was satisfied.Mr-Tom

His nightly visits continued and armed with a plate of food we tried to stroke him. It took some time before he allowed such privileges, but gradually you could see the weight was returning on him and he seemed very eager and waited patiently for us to come out with his large dinner. He only came once a day and always after dark.

Christmas Eve in this particular year, he just disappeared and we did not see him again until April. Where he had been we had no idea. Maybe he belonged to someone and went back home, but he was now thinner than we had seen him before and we felt we had to get him to the Vet for a check up. He had been neutered, so maybe he had belonged to someone else, but now he was in a bad way and he needed our help.

He had great difficulty with his breathing and eating and the Vet gave him suitable medication and then we kept him in the large cage we use for this purpose, but when his health returned we let him go. He was not a cuddly cat, he needed his freedom, but he decided he would not go far and with many boxes to sleep in and other facilities available on the patio, such as a little conservatory where the outdoor cats can soak up the sun, he has chosen to remain with us.

Mr Tom soon made friends with another feral cat we call Jasper and they became inseparable, always together on a bench, in a box, walking together, cuddling and sleeping together or just resting side by side. It was lovely to see them.

Unfortunately it was not long before his breathing problems returned, so back to the Vet and Mr Tom had to undergo a washout of his sinuses which removed a lot of mucus and puss from infected and swollen tissues, but after treatment, and a recommendation from the Vet that he should be kept in, he is now part of the family living in the house.


The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £10 + £1.75 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.