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The New Arrival

viewed-from-my-window-pepperA flattering telephone call about my stories ended with me accepting a new arrival. A cat given the name ‘Pepper’ was a stray that had frequented a workshop begging for food and had then been taken home Bank Holiday weekend as the workshop would be empty and there would be no one there to feed her. The problem was the family that took her home had a boxer dog who would not tolerate a new arrival especially a ‘C.A.T.’

Everything possible was done to find the owners of this lovely cat, but to no avail, no one claimed her. The boxer dog was a problem and a new home had to be found if she was not to find herself living her life in the garage away from the dog.

What could I do? It is not easy to integrate a mature cat into an existing multi-cat household, but I decided I had to give it a try.

Pepper duly arrived and we placed her in a large cage in the house, so she could get her bearings and see who was who in the household and for the other cats to see her, rather than just let her out and face a fight. The next day we decided to free her when the other cats had gone out to play. She had an opportunity to look around on her own without disturbance. All doors were left open and she had free range. It was not long before she found a home…my bed!

She tunnelled her way under the duvet and at first we thought we had lost her, she was invisible! However at meal time we found her with just her head poking out from under the duvet and still in this position, I was expected to hold a dish of food for her to eat whilst she remained on her side and under the duvet. She ate all before her and tunnelled back under the duvet. She had no intention of coming out, so a dish of biscuits and water was left in the bedroom for her and a litter tray placed outside the door. We left her to it.

We would frequently pay her a visit and attempt to befriend her, but she quickly told you when enough was enough as she started growling. If you took no notice of this warning, then the claws would appear and you had no choice but to back-offBedtime was a problem, I had to share my bed with Pepper but she did not mind me, we slept cosily together and she was no trouble.

Next day meals had to be served on the bed, she was definitely not moving! She panicked if one of the other cats came in to pay her a visit and you can hear the growling, but on one occasion she was bold enough to actually go outside and have a look around. It was Mr Tom who brought her back. Pepper has decided that life was good, lazing all day on the soft and comfortable bed, being fed and being left alone. She has all the comfort she could wish for and she has decided that she is definitely a bedroom cat!


The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £12.50 + £2.50 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.