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The Visitor


View from-June15-Boy-GeorgeIt never ceases to amaze me how wandering cats find their way to our door. Another new arrival started to come for food, we could only glimpse him at first and he ran away if he saw even a shadow of us looking at him, but after a few weeks he seemed to gain confidence and to know that we were not there to harm him, but indeed provided the food he so badly needed.

I felt sure there must be a proud owner somewhere, he is a large cat, so not young, but so beautiful, someone must love him dearly. Surely he could not just be a stray, or an abandoned cat? His visits were every meal time, so an opportunist at heart, at least. With this in mind I searched the Cats’ Protection ‘lost and found’ website as it had proved useful when Pepper went missing, but found no listing for him.

He is a beautiful colour, pale with subtle colour changes and a strikingly dark tail. We shall continue to feed him along with the multitude of others, leaving bowls of biscuits at all the feeding places, as well as placing four bowls of packet food alongside each dish of biscuits. No plate is left untouched these days, they are always as clean as a whistle. We had got used to his visits and we were getting to know him quite well so we decided to give him a name and we called him ‘Boy George’. Beautiful, isn’t he?

We set up a ‘spy-cam’ in the barn in order to see who was visiting us at night and eating all the food, and sure enough he was one of those who visited during the night as well, so he obviously did not go far and enjoyed or perhaps depended on all the food that was available here.

Sadly, one day we saw his poor body by the road and although we could not pick him up at that moment, we were determined we would if he was still there on our return an hour later, but someone had collected him. I hope it was his family who claimed him and at least they would know his fate.

What is it with cats and the road? We are surrounded by fields and fields of farmland they could use. There is no reason for cats to go to the road. It is such a waste of life. We miss him terribly.

If you were the proud owner of this beautiful cat, then I am so sorry for your loss.


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