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The first of 23 rescued and feral cats that would ultimately find their way to our door had been thrown out of the house because a new girlfriend was allergic to cats. Abandoned, uncared for, 9yr old Ziggy had no teeth and his matted coat was full of fleas. That was the fate of our first cat. We had to take him in.

A good brush and some flea spray improved his condition and we made sure he would never go hungry again. He proved to be such a loving and cuddly cat with a knack of climbing onto your lap without you being aware. So many times, we had to ask, “How long has he been on my lap?” We never knew. At meal times a claw would suddenly appear by your plate as it stole a tasty morsel, it did not really matter what it was, he just wanted a share of your dinner.

Ziggy enjoyed playing games and a ball on a string would have him running around until he got breathless. He also loved you to join him on the carpet and he would cuddle up close happy and content in his new home. Ziggy soon realized that his new Dad got up at 5am to go to work, and if he didn’t then he would come upstairs and gently touch his face to wake him up. He at least had heard the alarm clock.


While we were at work, Ziggy would like to spend the day outside, but when it was time for our return he would always be by the little front wall looking down the road, ready to welcome us home. He never missed. In the evening when he needed to go outside again to check the perimeter and chase off any unwelcome neighbouring cats before bedtime, we always said to him. “Be back in 10 minutes!” We were surprised when we let him in again and a passing neighbour walking his dog called out. “He was back in 10 minutes!”

He often took himself out for a walk to a wooded copse not very far away where he would meet the other cats of the area, but when we whistled he would come running, stopping short if he saw another cat watching him, he would then walk past them very slowly until it was safe to start running again. He did not wish to show himself up as being under our control. It was so funny to watch him do this, you could see his mind working!

Everyday I would cuddle dear Ziggy like a baby and say to him “What would we ever do without you?” We loved him so much. But one frosty morning I slipped on the doorstep, the milk bottles crashed and smashed, Ziggy panicked at the commotion and ran straight across the road, narrowly missing a passing car, went into the driveway opposite just missed the wheels of a reversing car, ran back at full speed straight in front of another car, but made it to the front garden and I heard him climb the back gate. I had to leave him to calm down. I felt reassured that he had made it home and was probably hiding in the back garden safe and sound.

Later I found Ziggy stretched out by the back gate, dead. His heart had given out from all the panicking and running. I was absolutely heart-broken at the loss of my first and very loveable cat. He had been with us for two years and we missed him terribly, Dear Ziggy!Viewed-from-my-Window-May-2011-book-cover

The full story and many more are in the book “Viewed From My Window” by Patricia Oliver price £10 + £1.75 p&p. For more details, contact Patricia on 01202 826244. All proceeds go towards the Veterinary and Welfare needs of the 16 feral cats currently in her care.